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Re: Nikon AF improvement?

Shotcents wrote:

yray wrote:

I keep reading posts from various sources that Nikon improved AF in the newest generation of cameras, i.e. D4 AF is better than D3s, and D800 is better than D700. On the other hand, there is a constant stream of AF complaints, at least on the D800 side, since D4 posts are in any case very few and far between. I know that the ability to AF with f/8 lens/tele combos is a new thing and a definite plus in some cases. But what's the reality beyond that? Is AF really improved? Is it noticeably faster, more reliable, more sure in low light than the prior one from the D3s/D700 generation? Or are these claims unfounded, and some people are just taking for granted and repeating what Nikon had said until everyone believes it? If you have first hand knowledge and experience, please contribute.

You're not going to get a consensus here!

I've had 2 D800 bodies. The first one works okay, mild left AF issue, but I don't think it's as good as the D3/D700 for AF. I don't personally know any photographers who feel otherwise, but there are plenty of shooters here who claim they own a D800 that does better than the D3 and I have no reason not to believe them.

On the other hand we don't know what people are shooting when they make their claims. My feeling is that the mixed reviews is due to poor QC, some user error and the real posibility that the older DSLR was better in some respects in regards to AF.

I've got my D800 dialed in so that I can trust the AF, but I had to AF tune quite a bit and change my shooting habits. That does NOT speak well of a so-called "improved" AF module. But my friends and I only account for a small group of cameras and others have entirely different results.

In the end there's little to do but get a hold of a D800 and see for yourself.



Similar story as shotcents

I bought a D800 1st of April. A lot of missed shots where action / movement was what I was trying to capture. Bought a D3S cheap with the intention to flip it and make $1000. Found the 3s much better for AF, but hopimg for the DR. IQ and everything else that the D800 has, I stupidly ignored my gut feeling, and sold the D3s. Love the D800, but mine just doesn"t give consistent AF focus. So I found.a $4500 deal on a D4 from a fellow stuck for money ( 0 shots, only body had been removed from box for viewing, battery never charged, original receipt, etc. ) and that certainly cured my D800 AF issues. Can't comment on the D3s vs D4 as I didn't have them side by side, and didn't / haven't used either a lot, but both nailed just about everything I wanted them to. D800 now for landscape, nature only. I'll probably drop it in to Nikon to get it checked.

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