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Re: Why do I post here?

This verges on Comedy. A clear troll posts his ranting and then a fake cry for help, as if we are all naive children, and this justifies, apparently, a lot of hand-wringing and self-flagellation, about whether we are all as good people as we think we are, and could we be better people? Nausea.

Beta testers? You would think they would be the most annoyed people on the planet.

We get on the forum and say what we think (in a reasonably pleasant way) and post if we have questions. Or answers. How hard is that??? So long as we have a semblance of good manners, and some level of self-awareness, all works well enough.

On the other hand, trying to lecture others, or acting as if you are god's gift to photography and perception, is doomed to failure, for several reasons, not least of which is the idea that most people don't really have much to say and don't write very well either. Not to mention probably being wrong. And lacking organization in their writing. And then there is the problem that most of the audience tunes out anything that doesn't match their preconceived notions. Still there?

Now, the really good news: Ron is not really gone for good. He is just resting. True, it is probably some sort of forced sabbatical, but he will return, refreshed and ready.


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