Pirates of the Caribbean shoot (Phase One + Nikon)

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Hi Dave

Hi Dave, really glad you liked Thanks!

hehe well, most of us worked just for fun and portfolio this time, but our lucky make up friend, and the cinematographer, were the only ones to get paid

Let's go on further details!

Once in a while, I contact a local model agency and I'm able to make a deal with them.

I present them the idea, and if they find it interesting, they agree to offer me a free casting.

In exchange, I offer the agency some free advertising

As this video will be seen on social network (mainly facebook), the agency readily agrees.

In this particular case, all the models were new faces, and they were pretty happy to earn some shots for their portfolios.

The location was something like 90 km away, nothing that a few extra bucks won't cover.

I paid the make up artist and the cinematographer because it's a great deal for me. The publicity I get at facebook is already worthy these costs, so I do it with no regrets.

Besides, as they all find the theme interesting, they also work at a discount.

That's an interesting aprouch all photographers should try, it's well worth the costs.

Let's say you can't make a deal with any model agency, but that's not a problem. There are many models you can find at facebook or any other social network that will be thrilled to earn some shots.

It's definitely one way to make your work stand above the competition in your area.

Select a theme: it can be based on a movie, or some random theme, like Area 51, zombies, mummies, fantasy, anything!

Gather a production team that considers it interesting, and do it!  It's very good for business, and also a great time you'll enjoy.

And it doesn't need to be specific to any particular niche, like fashion, weddings or life style.

If it's interesting, no matter the aprouch, it will be worthy your efforts.


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