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Horticultural Photography vs The Art Market

Those prices just reflect the difference between horticultural photography (for magazine articles, nursery plant tags, on products, brochures, etc.) and the 'Fine Art' market.

The prices he charges, and presumably gets, are very nice compared to what I make for my shots, but I suspect he has to work very hard - not only with photography and print quality, but also endlessly negotiating with clients and sponsors while massaging their egos and wallets. It's all studio work too. I'm just really endlessly fascinated by plants and prefer to be out in the field with them rather than stuck in the studio or in front of the monitor and printer.

In the end, it all comes down to what you want to do and how you want to live. David Leaser produces beautiful photos but I can't help feeling that for him it's all about technique and presentation, whereas I suspect most of us, including the professionals, are more enamoured by the subjects and nature as a whole, and would rather be out in it.

Geoff Bryant

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