broken rear control dial on G1X

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Re: broken rear control dial on G1X

Howard wrote:

Update: I sent my camera to Canon. I was nervous because A. no one else on the forum appears to have had a similar issue and B. even though I do not believe that my camera suffered any undue mishandling I was concerned that Canon might say otherwise.

The reason for warranties are to handle parts of products that fail.  Most failures happen within the first year which is why the common 1 year warranty.  Something does ​not​ need to be a common problem for it to be fixed under warranty.  The top button on my iphone now needs lots of pressure to actuate, so I'm getting the phone replaced under warranty.  That's what a warrant is for.

And believe it or not you ​actually pay​ for the warranty!  It's not free repairs the manufacture is providing!  This is why "import" models are cheaper because they come without a warranty such as a camera designated to be sold in Europe but the buyer is from the U.S.  You pay less because you aren't paying for a warranty.  It's a risk you can take.  Maybe it'll have no issues but maybe a repair will be as much as if you'd had bought one with a warranty or maybe the repair will be less... or even more than the warranty added on price!

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