Canon 6D - only one card slot. Should I worry (Nikon user)?

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Re: Canon 6D - only one card slot. Should I worry (Nikon user)?

lordbeau wrote:

One of the attractions of Nikon cameras is the dual card slots. I have never had a problem with a card though I have had cameras go down on me and start corrupting files.

I never had corrupted files either, but I do know someone who has. he is a pro, so the amount he shoots is very different to a hobbyist, importance of every image is also different for a pro and for a hobbyist. As an hobbyist, I do not bother use 2 card redundancy. I guess i am willing to take the risk at the saving of a second card and speed.

Having said that, two card slot offers another appeal. Many people have more than one card because they buy one card every couple of years with 2 to 4 times the capacity. With dual slot, you can have a 32GB and a 8GB in the camera and save all RAW to 32GB and all JPEG to 8GB. You can then delete the ones which you find jpeg is sufficient  ( and do no wish to save RAW) off the 32GB card, and for those you want to save RAW, delete the jpeg off the 8GB card. This is especially useful when you are traveling. With single card you can just toggle between jpeg or RAW but that is using precious shooting time; with 2 cards you can do this review and delete process while waiting for your dinner to be served or waiting for the bus

Anyone regretted going from Nikon to buying Canon, perhaps a 6D?

I moved from 60D to D600, I can tell you why I made the move.

First there were many shots where I felt the lack of DR was really annoying me. Extra 2 stops would have made a big difference.

60D in high contrast scene, see all the red noise after shadow lefting

D600 in even higher contrast scene

Secondly, I shoot a bit of BIF and the odd sports games. having far spread out AF points really makes it very hard to track small moving objects. 60D and 6D's AF points both suffer from this. D600 on the otherhand cluster all their AF points closely which makes it much easier to track.

Lastly, I use auto-iso extensively. Canon's auto-iso have not received any improvement since 2009. it lack EC, lack fine shutter speed tuning, and does not work with flash. D600's auto-iso is about as good as it can get.

So for me, no regrets going from canon to nikon.

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