Anyone moved from X100 to RX100?

Started Mar 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
Ray Sachs
Ray Sachs Forum Pro • Posts: 10,580
Re: X100 for me, RX100 for my wife

NorthernerBlackpool wrote:

Thanks Ray. That makes sense. Enthusiasts want to play with the controls, wives just want to press a button does face detect work well?

I'm not sure I ever tried it. The only cameras I've ever really had much luck with face detection on are the more e recent and fast Olympus m43 bodies paired with fast AF lenses. The OMD with either the 45 or 75mm lenses (both f1.8) are the best AF and face detection (take your pick, near eye, left eye, right eye) are the best portrait combos I've ever used - just nails what it's going after pretty much every time. So that's what I pull out when facing that kind of shooting. Like I said, we could never be a one camera family - I'm doing well when I keep it below five total. :-)


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