Please Help Me Tweak My 7D to Improve Image Quality

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Try reducing contrast for sunny shots

steve88 wrote:

PhilPreston3072 wrote:

No need to wait until this weekend. You can apply it to all the raw shots that you've already taken and see the difference straight away.

Okay, here's the second image from my original post with all NR sliders set to zero, image cropped, and maximum sharpening just in DPP (nothing done in LR3). I guess given the conditions that day with the bright sun this isn't such a bad image...

That's better.  Now you're really seeing how pin sharp your lens is.  Canon's default NR can make the best L lenses look shockingly soft.  You can set DPP to always use 0 NR for Raw.  Go to Tools>Preferences>Tool Palette>Default noise reduction settings>Set as defaults.

For bright, sunny shots you might like to try reducing the Contrast in the Raw tab to -1 or -2.  This will help to soften the shadows and highlights and bring out more tone and color.

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