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Re: A Few Quotes....

yvind Strm wrote:

SandyF wrote:

yvind Strm wrote:

Lin, I do agree that many of this statements are way over the line, and as such I do not defend them. But you can't take them out of context like that. Where are the insults that led to those comments? Maybe not directly, but through repeated attacks.

RonJs comments were not like that in the beginning. Neither was any other posters that came here first time.

Often a poster comes here, and may have an unfortunate wording. And this is where it goes wrong - if there is any chance that it is a troll, he is jumped at. Especially if he has a low post count. RonJ is not the first this has happened for.

I think the first thread RonJ started is worth taking a look at. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50529614

that may have been his first thread under that username, but he himself posted that he previously posted under a different name.

Did he say what the name was, or is it a guess by someone who keep records of all previous "trolls", and assumed identities. I mean, it is one of the classic tactics used to miscredit people here. Ther must be a huge, hidden Intelligence cell, somewhere hidden in the Evangelists off forum interaction.

I am sorry. You are delusional. This is not rocket science if you actually read this forum regularly, which you claim you do. (From what I can tell, you do not even read a thread well.) There is no hidden intelligence cell. You have been reading too much Stieg Larsson.

You have common sense, Sandy. He says he have posted under another name, but that does not prove he has had the identity that he quickly was assumed having.

Read the posts. The language - not just the words but rather syntax, style, grammar - is the same.

Plus major portions of several threads have been deleted, including some early nasty posts by "RonJG" but including also the one where he made that statement. You'll just have to believe me that posts have been deleted and the thread locked.

I know. (I would have believed you even if I didn't know) I do read most of the things here even if I do not post every day anymore. But correct me if I am wrong, the deletions/lockings regarding the user RonJ took place after the thread I linked to? Or else he would not have received civil responses from 17 people (incuding Lin and Laurence), would he? So, I stand by my claim that it is the uncivil responses from the the like of the 9 people in the thread I pointed to, that pushes a newcomer into talking back. It is just not OK, EVEN if one assume that the poster has a hidden history.

Nonsense. The ban took place on or about December 23, 2012. The other thread you are referring to came after that. Then he had to cool off for another spell. And since he is not here again and does not respond to e-mails, I can only assume that he could well have been banned or is sitting out another cooling off period.

But, deletions makes it difficult to go back to find evidence of one thing or another. And since so many (Laurence included) treated the man nicely.

But with your crack memory, you should remember all of the stuff deleted, which does not happen anymore. They just lock the threads. Deleting was done in the days of the older persona.

You've missed a lot, Yvind.

Sandy, as I said, I read most of what happens here.

I truly doubt that.

And as you know, it is not the first time I adress the uncivil behaviour of some people here. Everytime I say to myself afterwards, whats the point? - I can't change a thing.

Good rhetorical question. Right answer. Wrong follow-up.

But then someone really provoking is posted, and then I can't keep quiet. If I had the diagnosis Laurence suggested - "profilierungsneurose" :-), I should be posting more often, and all my posts should be longer.

So far, my diagnosis is spot on after this recent flare up.

I am sure you are a nice guy. Carl told me so, and I believe him on most things. But you are way out of your depth. You are going to bat in a big way for someone, who is a serial provoker by his own account. He has a very low threshold when it comes to what he perceives as lies, misstatements, stupidity, and dishonesty. I am sure that he has his redeeming qualities. And after quite a bit of correspondence with him, I am very sure that he is someone, who I would like to have my back. In his opinion, he is tough, forthright, and absolutely clear. And I have not even to begun to mention his feelings about Sigma.

All of this makes it very difficult to integrate him into a forum. You can go on and on about some do-good approach, and in a perfect world, I would agree with you. But forums are far from perfect when they are going well, and descend into the Hades neighborhood, when not. It does not take much provocation to get someone going. As you have me with your sloppy reading and self-righteous high-handedness. Some will say the same about me. But those, who have read my postings for the last 11 years here, know that I rarely get off into this Never Never Swampland, where I find myself now.

I am done, and leave you the last very many words.

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