Canon Powershot SX50 for Wildlife?

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Gimble wrote:

QuimOlhado wrote:

I went ahead and visited Best Buy earlier today to get a feel for the SX50. After working with it for a few minutes, I realized that I perhaps expected a bit oo much out of the camera. A few things that displaced my certainty:

  • The EVF is miserable to use – particularly after having used the OVF in my DSLR. I suppose that is something that I will just have to get used to. I do have concerns that this will make precise focusing rather difficult.
  • I am not a huge fan of the zoom wheel, particularly after having been able to zoom using the lens on my DSLR. I have not read too many complaints about this, however. I suppose this is something that I will learn to work with? Framing assist with certainly help, at least.
  • Poor camera performance. I do realize that I will not be shooting in a poorly lit Best Buy once I get the camera, but it still was a bit disheartening. Again, I realize that the conditions I will use it in will be far better (and the pictures I have seen as examples are amazing), but still.

For the first two, are these things that I will learn to work around? Using the LCD screen will be different, but perhaps that is something I need to get used to for this camera. Maybe the same thing goes for the second as well. At least I know that this camera can capture excellent images – as long as the photographer knows what he is doing!

Given those issues why not consider the Panasonic FZ200 - it has a far better viewfinder and is apparently much faster in operation. It also has a much faster, but shorter, lens.

Note that I have just bought an SX50.

I did consider the FZ200 as well. However, I was swayed by the price of the SX50 (with the current Canon Cashback in the UK the FZ200 is about 40% more expensive and the Canon also came with the official Canon carry case and a good quality 16gb SD Card) and as I already have a Canon G15 I can use the same battery and external Canon flash with the SX50.

I may reconsider when the FZ200 replacement comes out - probably this summer.

I also considered the FZ200, but since I have too many cameras, I wanted to wait and see what the new Panasonic models would look like this summer/fall when released. I have a Kodak Z990 that has given me many sharp/great color images, but it has electrical issues happening too often. Then I ran across a post that pointed out the FZ60's on sale at JR and then Amazon. I got one and holy cow..I love this camera. It is FAST to focus and locks it quickly. Like the big brother FZ200, it is 26x optical, but surprisingly, some of the 48x digital images are really clean. I had the previous versions of the FZ series: FZ20 and FZ35 and this one is a really good JPEG (no RAW) shooter. Price wise, they run about half of what the current FZ200 is going for and if you don't need RAW, it's one of the best. I had a Canon SX40 and while I got some very good images with it, it tended to "hunt" focus, especially at the long may have been my particular camera. Both the SX40 and SX50 have very good reputations. That said, I'm glad I got the FZ60.

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