Anyone moved from X100 to RX100?

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Ray Sachs
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X100 for me, RX100 for my wife

I had an X100 and loved it, but didn't love the focal length, so I bought an X-Pro and sold the X100. I have a couple of lenses, but I leave the 18mm on it the overwhelming majority of the time. So it's almost like an X100 with a different focal length. The X100 is a great camera with some quirks - the X100s appears to be an even greater camera without the quirks.

I also bought an RX100 for a compact. I was initially impressed with it based on its amazing sensor, and there's no doubt that the sensor is great. But I never liked the controls, never liked the lens much except at the wide end where it's pretty nice at f1.8, and just fundamentally never enjoyed shooting with it. I interact with my controls a lot and I always felt like I was wrestling with the RX100. I also shoot a lot of street photos and I rely on zone focus for that and trying to zone focus with the RX100 was a painful affair in good light and all but impossible in lower light, despite the fines sensor and fast lens. The interface just didn't work for me at all.


My wife is a school teacher and needed a better low light camera for shooting her kids indoors in the classroom. I let her try the RX100 and she loves it. She just leaves it on iAuto and shoots - no interaction, no changes except to the zoom, and she's very happy with it.

So, if you and your wife can get along with the same camera, maybe the RX100. In my case, we'd never survive as a one camera household. If we were gonna try we might have gone with an m43 body with a kit zoom for her and a couple of prime lenses for me. But it never would have worked.


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