What advice would you give a novice user?

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Re: What advice would you give a novice user?

mpgxsvcd wrote:

I would tell someone trying to find out more about interchangeable lens cameras that they should research lenses more than researching the actual camera.

When it comes right down to it there really isn't that much difference between the image quality of the newest Olympus or Panasonic cameras. The Sony and Nikon cameras look very similar to each-other as well.

However, lenses can give you 2-4 stops of advantage. Some are almost twice as sharp at certain apertures. Other lenses allow you to have an extremely narrow or wide field of view.

Cameras can crop the sensor and change the field of view up to 2x. They reduce noise, increase color, and give the impression of more dynamic range. However, they can't make nearly the difference that the right lens can make.

When someone asks me what camera should they buy. I ask them to go and find out what lens/lenses suite their needs the best and then find a camera that can use that lens to its fullest extent.

You can with a CANON.

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