How long do we as challenge participants persecute the exposed cheats?

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Re: How long do we as challenge participants persecute the exposed cheats?

barb_s wrote:

Suppose we have a known cheater from a year ago, when DPR management responded by closing extra accounts. I have not seen new evidence of cheating since then, but when I see someone from the big "what should be done with cheat's" threads enter a challenge of mine now, I have to consider how the participants also feel as well as wonder if it is fair to ban the person for DPR eternity, or would the time gone by be enough to give a chance now, a year later?

How would you feel competing in a challenge today with this sort of person also competing?


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I think a year is plenty of time for a personal ban.  I might send a politely-worded note to that person, saying--in essence--"As you know, I banned you from my challenges due to you using multiple accounts in the past.  That was a year ago, and you are now welcome to enter images into any of my challenges.  Good luck, if you do decide to enter."

This lets the person know (a) that they can enter, and (b) that you are aware of their history . . . which will (hopefully?) suggest that they will not cheat in the future.

Just my 2 cents.  Each host, of course, should do what he or she feels comfortable with.

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