G15 Live View, External Flash and Optical Viewfinder

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Re: G15 Live View, External Flash and Optical Viewfinder

Mark B. wrote:

Joe5 wrote:

I had a Canon G2 and gave it away to a relative several years ago. I currently have a Panasonic TZ5. I've never liked the delay in firing the shutter and the lack of an optical viewfinder. I am now considering the G15. I have a few questions.

Shutter lag is not a problem with G15.

1. Does it have Live View?


3. I've seen some comments that the optical viewfinder is not very accurate. After buying the Panasonic, I decided I would never buy a camera without an optical viewfinder again. You can't beat an optical viewfinder in bright sunlight. Is there really an issue with the optical viewfinder?

Depends on whether you can adjust to the VF not showing you exactly what the sensor is actually capturing.

I have no big issue with the OVF. It is what it is; 85% coverage so you get more than you see through the OVF - depending on the focal length. I use it in bright conditions or for steadying the camera against my face when necessary.

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