D7100 highly guarded secret or what?

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Re: why no anticipation threads?

I think there are several reasons for this. The people who post "my Dxx is coming xxxxx" are mostly the people who want group approval attention, and being an early adopter of the D7100 is not in vogue, for a couple reasons:

1) the overall forum leaning is that the D7100 is not enough of an upgrade to replace your D7000.

2) recent QA/QC issues on D7000/D800/D600 has many people thinking it is not wise to be an intitial upgrader and some going to far as calling people who pre-order the D7100 dumb.

I for one am very excited about the changes in the D7100. Combining the AF of my D300 and the IQ of my D7000 while improving the video is exactly what I want. I'm waiting though, like many others, to see if the D7100 has any major issues, or if a D400 is released by the end of the year. I expect that once the D7100 is out, it will be great and the traffic will pick up tremendously as it comes back in vogue and everyone has to have one.

Then we'll start seeing the "my ancient D7000 is still shooting great photos" posts

Elixir wrote:

Yeah, I don't get it. Previous cameras had dozens of posts projecting shipping dates from various retailers, lots of anticipation and speculation, yet I see mostly nothing. Weird.

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