Recommend Canon FD adapter for NEX?

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Re: Default open vs. default closed (stopped-down)

ProfHankD wrote:

RGBaker wrote:

I believe that the Canon FD adapter offered here:

Look closely at the sceond photo. That appears to have an (unmarked) aperture ring and a machined-in tab rather than the usual pin or screw. Unusual, but not functionally different.

You're correct, it does look different -- but elsewhere here someone posted that in operation this adapter goes into 'lock' as you install it, i.e. it is permanently in lock mode. I can't tell from the picture, and maybe my thinking is wishful, but maybe this ring accomplishes the same thing using a different method.  Note too that the two adapters pictured -- the one with the tripod mount, the other without -- appear different in design.  The one with the tripod mount looks like it has a typical lock/unlock ring.

does not have a 'lock/unlock' ring. I believe that the difference is that in most adapters, you have the option of viewing through the lens wide open or stopped down (an option that in the day these lenses were sold was called 'depth of field preview') -- with the adapter referenced above, the lens is always in 'stopped down' mode, or what other adapters describe (oddly) as 'locked'. Not locked to a single aperture, but pinned to 'stop down mode'. Not locked at all, really.

Again, Canon FL/FD/FDn do not default to stopped down. Thus, unless it's an FL lens with a built-in auto/man switch, being in stopped-down mode requires pushing a lever in the mount adapter. If that lever isn't controlled by a ring on the adapter, then the adapter would need a spring-loaded internal lever. Yuck.

I understand the lenses do not default to stopped down -- but if IIRC Canon used to offer a simple machined ring that forced the lens into stopped down mode for use when the lens was being used with a reverse ring & therefore was not installed in the ordinary sense. Ideally, someone that actually owns the adapter I've referenced can confirm how it operates, and whether it has a locked/unlocked ring.


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