Anyone moved from X100 to RX100?

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Re: Anyone moved from X100 to RX100?

NorthernerBlackpool wrote:

Hi All,

I have the following gear:

D700, 28mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.8 (love this camera and it's relatively lightweight)


The problem is my wife struggles to use the X100 and rarely takes it anywhere. We have a baby due in June/July so I'm thinking of replacing the X100 with the RX100 as it has face detect etc so she can't go wrong. It's something she could take anywhere and covers video so we wouldn't need to buy a video camera.

X100 focussing has always been tough, especially indoors. I'm hoping the RX100 would be better.

Do you think the above is a good switch or has anyone followed this route and been disappointed?

I'd appreciate any feedback. We don't have budget to keep the X100 and buy an additional camera (the baby needs loads of stuff yet!).



I had the Fuji X100 for a while. Nice camera but kind of quirky. It's got the larger sensor so it will give you better background blur in many instances. Theoretically it should give you cleaner, high ISO images, too, though I never did any direct comparison.

I love the Sony and for what you describe it might be the better option for your wife.

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