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Re: Irritating Wedding "Pros"

Matt Staben wrote:

You see, today's so-called "pros" are really operating under the premise that if one takes enough shots using good glass and a sufficient camera, there's bound to be a good shot within the pile, even if accidental. So they lead the happy couple around, sit them here and there, and fire away - in the case I'm speaking of, the two females would situate themselves in two locations and just click-click-click click-click click-click-click click and click!!! Here, let's try this spot! CLICK CLICK! It wasn't until some time later, at last, they were satisfied and the happy couple could join the already half drunken crowd they'd invited.

Your friend's wedding "pro" took, what, 6000 shots? That's insane, or as our Veep would say, Malarkey! I've seen "real" pros take just a few rolls of film and nearly every one of the shots was perfectly suitable - unlike the way it is now with thousands and thousands of frames.

Having never shot a wedding before, and having no idea where to start, that sounds like a plan to me!!!

But, in the interest of professional appearances, I'd never admit to shooting that many pictures to anyone. Even if I was doing someone a favor (for free). Certainly not the bride, she might want to see them ALL, and we all know after taking that approach I'm sure I'd be ashamed to show anyone at least half of them.

The most I could imagine anyone ever wanting is 100 of so, probably far less than this for most people. So, bracketing, accounting for blinks, etc. may be a valid excuse for 400-500? The other 5000 are just firing away at nothing, either trying to appear busy, or really having no idea what's actually important to capture.

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