Help me, Is PanSTARRS or Jet Trail in view of sunset NYC?

Started Mar 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Comets over the city

Rutgerbus wrote:

As Dave already mentioned....The tail of a comet is always pointing towards the sun (or away from the sun depending on what you define as "pointing").

So for sure you captured contrails here. Would be nice though to see that commet above NYC.

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Photographic Moments

You need a bright comet to see it over a city.  Comet Hale-Bopp qualified and I was fortunate to get a photo of it over the iconic "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles back in 1997:

Of course the comets usually look better higher up in the sky with longer exposures from a dark site like this one:

A friend just photographed Comet PanSTARRS from the Mohave Desert on 3-11-2013 with his 13-inch f/7.5 Cassegrain telescope and it looked pretty good.  So you guys might want to use a longer focal length wider aperture lens/telescope to photograph the comet.

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