nex 5R vs fuji XE-1 Does it make sense to get the fuji just because of the fuji colors and OOC jpeg?

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Re: nex 5R vs fuji XE-1

Really don't think i will be all that comfortable using the viewfinder. How good is the rear lcd for composing and checking out colors ?? Do you get to see live view like exposure changes,dof changes on the lcd, evf before you actually take the shot ?? Or is it like dslr where you have to review images to see how it turned out ??

Also how accurate is fuji metering ?? how easy is it to get amazing photos in auto or aperture priority mode ? Do you have to continually fiddle with the exposure compensation and other settings to get good images or does the camera do most things right in auto mode ?? the reason i ask is i have trouble figuring out the right exposure most often than not and have to rely on camera metering.i know in very high contrast scenes camera will get the exposure wrong but what abt general shooting ?? i mostly shoot in aperture priority mode.only for night shots do i switch to full manual mode. Also how's the exposure while using flash??

finally can someone describe the difference in color between a sony and a fuji jpeg or describe how colors will be in fuji jpegs ?? I have seen a lot of fuji pics on sites like flickr.Some are amazing while others are dull lookin low contrast ones(perhaps intentionally so?).

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