Nikon D400 Wish List - Add your wish here! Maybe NIKON are looking?

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Re: Nikon knows how to do it...

JimPearce wrote:

I'd prefer a 20MP sensor and 8 fps. The 51 point autofocus system should have more points sensitive to f8 than the D7100. AF-C should be configurable to release, first shot in focus and release or focus. A large buffer - at least 22 shots to store all of those perfectly focused birds in flight. I like the 1.25x crop option of the D7100, and of course all of the improvements to Auto ISO, video, etc.. Body with the same toughness as the D300, all of the controls, good battery life, etc.. Grip for D4 batteries.

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>I'd prefer a 20MP sensor and 8 fps.


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