Annas Hummingbird - D700

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Re: Annas Hummingbird - D700

SanMat wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

Wonderful. I wonder if a tripod would be required if using a D800....

Hi Scott,

Thanks - I suppose technically I should have been using a tripod with my setup, but I like the flexibility of the movement shooting handheld for close-range shots, since I'm shooting both perched and hovering shots at the same time. With just the one flash the setup doesn't seem too heavy for short periods of shooting though I'm sure I could have improved the clarity a bit with better technique.

Don't actually know about the D800, other than what some reviews have said - that it's much less forgiving when there's excess camera movement. Assuming that's true, it tells me these shots would have revealed more clearly my not-so-great technique if I were using the D800.


Pete - Good images with your D700. I believe what you say about the D800 is indeed true.

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