Thom Hogan D600 Review and Guide are out

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Re: Find Thom's reviews quite thought provoking

Just a Photographer wrote:

So he takes you away from two of the best cameras that Nikon makes and then suggest you to buy a camera that is meant for regular amateurs instead of cameras that are meant to be for favored and advanced photographers....

No, I didn't take it that way to be honest. Until then, I had discounted the D7100 as my thinking had been that to improve on the D300 (in the absence a D400 - whatever that may or may not bring) that the way to go would be D600 / D800 and I also wanted to go full frame - and I still may do.

What Thom did was simply to question my logic (which is what I asked him to do in my email) and put the D7100 as being potentially better for my particular needs. When I initially read that I was quite disappointed and dismissive but the more that I re-read his comments and thought about it, the more I thought he may have a good point. At the end of the day I may still go down the full frame route (and I'll wait until we get D7100 reviews in any case) but Thom's comments certainly have made me think more about going that route. I'm grateful for him making me think that through a bit more rather than merely thinking 'no D400 so got to go full frame' etc.

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