New lens for my a77 - recommendations please

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New lens for my a77 - recommendations please

Hello folks.
So ive been used an a33 for a few years & finally upgraded to an a77. A bit of background on myself: I dont consider myself a photographer, I am an artist but i use my camera for both reference shots (not many people seem happy to pose for hours for a portrait any more!) and to photograph my larger works before i sell them.

I thought I had my lens situation all figured out with my a33 - but I am now thinking i need a new "main" walkaround lens as my a77 does not respond in the same way to my old one.
I have several (about 6) minolta (plus the cheap a33 kit) lenses but honestl the minolta 24-105 and the 100-300apo have met pretty much all of my needs with the a33. I would usually use a prime when shooting artwork as i found the results a touch sharper, but most of the time the 24-105 was on the camera & the 100-300 got grabbed when I needed reach.

Fast forward to now - I bought the a77, body only and while I have found the 100-300APO to be very good (I took 1500 + reference shots at the zoo last week & have likely enough material to start dozens of paintings for my animal series) - all with the 100-300apo and really liked the results.
The 24 - 105 has not been as good, unfortunately. It seems soft all over and focus is a problem. I am thinking the first thing I should do is try the micro adjustment (I have friedmans' book so I will give it a shot) but I am not too hopeful this will correct it. So, my thinking is that I likely need to look at another lens. I cant afford to buy the new 16-50 kit lens (It retails for $850 in my neck of the woods), although I can hope for a used deal I suppose.

The ones I am most likely considering:
Sony 16 - 105

Tamron 17 - 50

Sony 16 - 50

Im honestly not that concerned with the extra reach of the 16105 (although it would be nice, all things considered). Most important factors for me are:

1) Image quality

2) Build

3) Price

The Tamron sounds like it would be the best bet for what im looking for but i have heard a lot of people say it feels plasticky. Are we talking same quality as the sony 18-55 kit here? Or just not as good as the tank that is the 16-50 sony? The Tamron is obviously the cheapest but the 16105 is not a ton more expensive used either.

Im very sorry about the long-winded thread. Im just a little confused & living out in small town I have almost no options to see/play with these things first hand.
Thanks so much to anyone for their advice.

Sony SLT-A33 Sony SLT-A77
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