A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

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Re: ERgonomics and Handling

As far as I'm concerned, the next camera (presuming it really appears) has one task: keep current 4/3 owners in the fold. It's unlikely to attract new 4/3 converts in any significant numbers--perhaps a few will leak over from µ4/3 who've bought 4/3 lenses and want better focus performance.

Oly's business model is to attract compact and phonecam users to µ4/3. They're not going to pull dslr shooters from N/K/S, no matter how spiffy the lenses might be. They basically just need to keep us happy, which is to say offer one camera for everybody. Which also means none of us will get our ideal camera.

Within hours of its announcement, the first "What's next, after the E-#?" post will appear.

It's how we roll.



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