R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

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Re: R3000 - Multiple unexpected cleaning cycles

cna wrote:


Maybe the problem is linked to the MK ink.

But yet, I cannot imagine that automatic FIFTEEN cleaning cycles in a 3 weeks period is a normal behaviour, especially when you look at the ink cost of running such a cycle....

Is there a way to disable proative cleaning on the R3000 ? (I think that such a possibility exists on some Epson printers); I would make sense to only manually run a cleaning cycle when you notice printing problems (which I never never saw in my case).



No, there is no way to turn off auto-cleaning cycles.  15 cycles of auto-cleaning in 3 weeks is definitely wrong.  You should contact Epson support with this problem.  As I stated in my post I have only had 4 auto-cleaning cycles take place with my R3000 in 1 year of ownership and over 800 prints.

Bob P.

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