Olympus photo division losses double

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Re: It's pretty blatant now what's happening and it was easy to see a few years ago

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According to the latest Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine, Olympus losses nine months to Dec 2012 doubled from those of the previous year. AP notes Olympus's aggressive cost cutting strategy that will lead to a 7% decrease in their workforce by 2014. AP also notes that Olympus implied that they will be reducing their DSLR presence.

I would love to be proved wrong, but at the moment I still think the end of 2013 will be the countdown to backtracking on this forum rather than an E7.

that is why Oly sell their majority cam division to Sony. And from my point of view, which marked by OM-D EM-5 the first Sony Sensors continued by E-PL5&E-PM2 and so on, there is a big change for the upcoming new E-7 or E-50 or E700 was also using the new sensors of Sony.

This is the common things in big industry, after the aquisition then their released the new product using their selling point inside it.

As a user, i see the future and for my self will keep remain using this magnificent Olympus

Uh. . .Olympus did not sell the majority of their camera division to Sony. They have seeked funding and Sony has agreed to fund them. . .you see there is fine line here because Sony IS a major competitor. Sleeping with the enemy is not a good move for Olympus nor does it bode well with Sony's long time electronics rival and essentially m4/3's co-owner Panasonic!
Olympus is in a really dire situation here, they seek funding from the company that essentially took their spot in the industry. . .I don't see how people here can say Olympus knows what they're doing after witnessing the company crash year after year and becoming desperate enough to seek funding from competitors.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you lack competent marketing, timely product delivery and communication. . .on top of one of the largest business scandals to hit asia. . you lose your customer base.

I think the Panasonic / Olympus relationship had already soured before the scandal. I.E.  the old sensors in all Olympus products and new sensors in the Panasonic's   until the OMD release.  I think the decision to get into bed with Sony is long in the making.

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