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Re: ring flash question

Peter 1745 wrote:

I've used it with the E-M5 but you don't get any control of it from the camera other than to trigger it when the shutter buttons pressed. It's a cheap and cheerful unit and works well within its limits. I use it mainly in light mode.

Things to bear in mind

  • It's essentially a manual unit. If you use it in flash mode you have to set your exposure manually.
  • It has 7 power levels which can be easily set on the back of the control unit.
  • It's no where near as powerful as a proper flash. As I said in a previous post you can take macro shots of averagely bright subjects at 125/F5.6 ISO 200 when on full power. If you stop down for greater depth of field you will have to uses slower shutter speeds or higher ISO. I use it on inanimate objects where slow speeds and use of a tripod aren't a problem.
  • It doesn't have much Left/Right control. It's limited to Left or Right or the whole unit mode. If you choose Left the right side doesn't light at all (and vice versa). Also Left/Right control only works in Flash mode and not in Light mode. You can of course rotate the unit around the lens so for Left/Right could be Top/Bottom or anything in between.
  • In flash mode you can use shutter speeds up to 1/200 on the E-M5 before you get the focal plane shutter effects. In light mode you can go as fast as like.
  • With the white diffusion ring you get a pleasant even light.

There are many sellers of this flash on eBay often under different product names. Do an eBay search for "LED ring flash" Also I don't suppose it's any better than the other LED ring flashes on ebay. I went for this particular one as I wanted to play with the coloured rings.

Finally it passes "my sister sat on it test". If my sister sat on it and broke it I would get another one? I won't bother you with the origins of this test but I have found it to be a useful way of judging the gadgets I buy.

Thanks again. I guess it's the sort of gizmo that's worth playing with to see if one 'needs' a full powered flash version.

Good advice, very helpful - thanks!


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