Nikon D800 left-AF: Is LA or NY more reliable?

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Nikon D800 left-AF: Is LA or NY more reliable?

I have one of the first-batch D800's with a severe left-AF problem.  I sent it in to Nikon LA a couple months ago, and it came back with the left-AF resolved but the center-AF really out of focus.  I then sent the camera back to Nikon LA a 2nd time.  After 3 weeks, I got the camera back, but nothing has changed (left-AF good, center bad).

On both of my repair forms, there is a notation that says "SC 201117".  I asked Nikon what that meant, and they told me it was the ID of the repair technician who worked on the camera.  I googled that ID, and I see several discussion with people who also had that same notation complaining about the EXACT problem I had -- that they got their cameras back with outer AF points fixed but the center completely off.

At this point, if I send the camera to LA a 3rd time, I fear that I will just keep getting this same repair technician (SC 201117), who appears to be incompetent.

So now I have some questions:

1) How is NY/Melville?  Is there anybody right now who is playing repair ping-pong with Melville and has had to send it multiple times?  For NY repairs that were successful, can you share your SC notation?

2) For anybody who has sent to LA and successfully fixed their cameras, can you share your SC notation?

3) Can I even request Nikon to specifically give me UPS labels to NY, even though I live closer to LA?  (i.e. b/c they want to save money by shipping to the closest station?)

BTW I called Authorized Photo Service, Nikon's ex-official Midwest center that seems to have a great reputation, but they told me that they don't have the proper calibration rig to fix the D800's AF problems, and that they'd simply forward my package to LA or NY anyway.

If anybody has experience with Melville and the D800 AF problems, please share any insight.


Nikon D800
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