Is the 50 1.4 supposed to be this bad?

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Re: Is the 50 1.4 supposed to be this bad?

Ive read the whole thread. I got the same lens and the 6D, and i have noticed the same tendency as your images show- the 50mm 1.4 focuses different at infinity compared to up close.

On my lens, the difference was -14 MFA at 2m, -7 at 3m and about 0 at infinity. Some years back this lens was even calibrated by canon.

Im not sure what the 6D does in this equation. With the 30D i had more hit and miss and no opportunity to do MFA, so i have no valid test with another camera.

You should try live view focus. It will give you much more accurate focus- ie you will see what the lens is capable of.

Note also that the camera focuses at f2.8 with PDAF. The lens field curvature changes some when opened up.

But in general all your images are front focused. Try doing some MFA. But from what i see and experienced myself, there will not be one solution to this. Try do MFA at the distance you would typically shoot.

Good luck!


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