Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

Need to pixel peeping on a better 1080p HD monitor home. My office monitors suck.

I have a few comments.

a) need to set -1/3 EC on 5D as it's well known 5Dc has +1/3 EV more sensitivity than standard ISO. I can see a few 5D highlight has a little overblown.

b) use F8 instead of F11 on 5D photo, and use F5.6 or F6.3 on 60D photo.

c) use MF but I know a bit difficulty on 5D as it doesn't have LV but you still can try in VF.

d) frame into the same AOV. I can see 60D photo has narrower AOV as judge on building's windows for example.

I can do similar tests once having a chance as I do have exact cameras and lens. But it proves 60D 18mp benifit in good light and with a top grade lens.

According to DXOMark 7D vs 5D with 24-70L II they barely having the same resolution that reflected into your tests but affected a little bit in shooting, framing, exposure and AF accuracy difference.  60D sensor is slightly improved over 7D's one.

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