Advice on connections for a new monitor

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Advice on connections for a new monitor

If you go the route of using a converter from DP to DVI make sure you get an active converter, these generally run off a USB port in additional to the video connectors. If you don't you only get single link DVI resolution of 1920x1200, some cables state they are dual link which just means there are the extra pins but you need the electronics to split a DP into the 2 streams on a dual link DVI and back again.

I have a USB DVI KVM with sound for 4 computers and it is the best solution for me again make sure that the KVM supports dual link. Some of the solutions offered here are good and may suit your needs but I find the switching on the Dell monitor is cumbersome and slow and still require you to swap over the keyboard and mouse. Using RDP can also restrict display performance but it all depends on your application of this technology.

I have a active DP to dual link DVI converter used when connecting a laptop with only DP external connectivity, this works fine through the KVM.

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