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chipmaster wrote:

Lots of jokers, but the reality is that definition probably started already with ideas thought of and discarded on D4 then they saw what SONY and Canon introdcued and are noodling those and what the photographers and rich hobbiest want.

Then over the next two years assumptions about cost and trends will add a few features and also cause a few to fall by the wayside.

Like all defintions by committe lots of fluff and useless stuff alone with some real improvements that make noboyd perfectly happy will be the real D5.

Agree. This thread hopefully will give 0,001% correction for next generation camera development at Nikon.

I love "brick feeling" of senior Nikon bodies.

So I want more sturdiness, +8 ozs. weight, 2way tripod holes and flexible connectivity. All Nikon external devices (as wi-fi, GPS, flash remote control etc.) are silly b*llshit because they attached externally and tend to break itself.

Imagine when we use GPS? On travel or hiking, where cumbersome external attachment have no right to exist.

Wired remote control acceptable in studio, but flutters by moderate wind and hits tripod with rough 'clacks'. Moreover it opens 10-pin for humidity, snow etc.

Nikon CLS is greatest thing on earth since God created Light. But you need radio trigger when you poking around in search of spectacular angle.

After many incidents with remote flashes misfirings and broken flash connections I put Cactus fash trigger inside AA battery holder for MB-D10. Now I have integrated radio flash trigger inside body of d300s. But that's impossible for D4.

Cactus V5 flash trigger mounted inside Nikon MB-D10  grip for D300s

So there is space for much more innovations besides "Specs race" in next Nikon bodies for professionals.

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