Anyone stilll like the 20/1.7 lens?

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Re: strange contrast difference

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I have thought of getting one and wondered how others felt about it. I had the lens on other GF-1 cameras but cannot remember much about quality. Any help will be appreciated.

I don't have either lens, but I know that the 17mm f/1.8 is the one I want.

I think the Oly 17/1.8 is close enough in price that I'd feel like I would need this... even if only going by posted results.

The 20 is way sharp, but it has a harshness and awkward flare issues... others don't like the slow focusing....

The 20 is solidly sharp prime, that hasn't changed.

I really wish people would post a real world comparison of the two lens shooting the same image under the same conditions, rather than just making broad generalizations without any substantiation.

I suspect that in real world situations, assuming a good copy of the 17mm f/1.8, the 17mm would produce the more pleasing image. The barely discernible extra center-sharpness of the 20mm f/1.7 wouldn't be a real-world advantage.

For those interested, here's a comparative test of the 17/1.8 and the 20/1.7.

To me, it's pretty clear from the test images that the 20 is optically superior in pretty much every way (except CA which is easily removed in PP). What the reviewer says about micro-contrast (and some other things) are best ignored. It is clearly evident from the pictures that the 20 is better not only with regard to global contrast but also micro-contrast (contrast between finer details).

The contrast difference between the two pictures is big and strange. I wish there were more comparison shots.

It's pretty big all right. And I too would like to see additional comparisons before drawing final conclusions. But Ming Thein is hardly an unexperienced photographer and I figure he knew what he was doing when taking those shots.

Did he use the same camera? Same raw processing? Same exposure?

In all likelihood yes. The camera is the E-M5 and the files are processed by ACR, presumably using the same settings (or he would have mentioned it), as you can see from some of the images themselves.

I've never seen such a large contrast difference between two lenses, I just assumed the difference was caused by something else. Sure you can increase the contrast in ACR, but does that really equalize the two images, or will something be missing from the lower-contrast 17mm f/1.8 image?

It's a mystery.

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