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HBowman wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:


... and then have the gall to denigrate other things - meetings, trade shows, shoots, beta testing, personal contacts, dinners, tours - for what appears to be simple jealousy reasons, thereby ignoring the fact that many people here have dedicated considerable resources in terms of time and money to making this effort on the part of Foveon and Sigma somewhat successful. And for the most part, those people doing this, did not do it to make you or anyone else jealous (as you clearly are); amazing as the concept may seem to you, Sigma and Foveon actually reach out to users they can identify as serious people, who might have something important for them to hear.

laurence at appledore-farm dot com
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Until now beta testing for Sigma with all perks (listed or not) were taboo on this forum.

Your confession begs for answers:

1. Who are the beta testers for Sigma and participate in this forum?

2. What are the criteria to become beta tester for Sigma?

3. How beta testers are compensated by Sigma?

4. List of suggestions to Sigma leading to improvement of product.

5. Are the "serious" users opinions more important than average user observations and wishes?

6. Was SD1 initial price influenced by beta testers opinions?

These are my initial questions. I guess that it wiill be more coming.



Dear Richard ...

What Laurence said in your quote is right. This rely on some simple things such as altruism and abnegation, some principles who might be ignored by some over here.

Some may say that promoting SIGMA for free is stupid but ... SIGMA is not Nikon; SIGMA is SIGMA, Foveon is Foveon and the common story is unique. Some here, as well as Laurence or Carl Ryterfalk and some others, are passionate photographers who like sharing a technology they love.

First, you will not know how to be a beta testers nor how they are compensated or whatever. Forget about it.

Myself almost scarifiedtwo full years promoting and defending SIGMA DSLR and Lenses on French forums. Day after day, even holidays. It was in my blood. I get bashed, insulted, glorified ... this is a hard job. That ended in what ?? SIGMA France did not give a f$$k about what I did lol. (SIGMA France is stuck in time and Space, they are TOTALLY out of the real SIGMA spirit and traditions, compared to other country such as Germany or SIGMA UK, USA ...).

Being fully dedicated and successful in the use of a material and/or a brand drive you in the camp of "serious" users. And yes, a serious/professional (successful) user should be listened. So, to answer 5 I say yes. I say yes 100 times. Forums need more discipline and happy you I'm not moderator here ... Some heads might have been chopped long time ago ...

Some may hate the fact that there is some sort of leaders, even tough those leaders do not like this label. But, every community need one or more leaders and those leaders should be respected and defended.

So what ?? ppl contest the leaders, leaders fight each others ?? are we STUPID Monkeys ??

I don't think so.

Anyway, if I give some times of my life for SIGMA/Foveon, this is in the memory of Richard Merrill genius and the traditional honour and family spirit droved by SIGMA corporation Japan.

I do not do that to seek money or to grab recognition. I do that because when I think about it every morning, I feel well and sunny in my head, I feel touched by Richard's story. There is some dose of spirituality in this, yes. I'm French, after all.

On this forum we should be over material and brain fight ... we should be in the essence of photography and simplicity. Life is short, that coming from probably one of the youngest contributor of this little community.

"Dream on Hulyss !"

Hello Hulyss,

First, congratulations on the LuLa publication. I like your genuine excitement regarding DP3M and the pictures to prove the point.

The reason for addressing my questions for Laurence was simple: The point of the whole exercise was that I believe that many in this forum are asking themselves the same questions. I did not expected the answers or putting that differently, I expected the answers as he posted.

Maybe my direct response to Laurence's post is covering the rest of my intentions if you find the time to read it: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/51023608

One thing I have to say is that I really respect and enjoy your simple and appealing insight.

And I'm glad that my head on the forum is safe, at least for now:-D

BTW, I have a cousin in LeHavre (Normandie). I have not found him yet as emotional as typical Frenchman (you) could be. Hope he'll change LOL.

Keep up the good work


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