Some pics taken with Sony HX300 !

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Re: Some pics taken with Sony HX300 !

Thanks for posting this.  I've been looking at the HX200 and then figured I'd wait for the HX300 to come out.  I'm not in any hurry, this is more of a "fun" camera for me -- I have a DSLR.  I just switched to Sony from Canon and was thinking I'd stay with the Sony line -- I hate having to remember different menus, etc.  I did look at Canon and Nikon bridge cameras and didn't see much there that was worth getting over the Sony.

However, looking at the Fuji HS50EXR (as well as the new SL1000), I might have to rethink my plan to stick with all Sony and consider one of these two cameras.  The RAW alone is worth the switch from Sony to Fuji for a bridge camera.

Thanks again for opening my eyes!


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