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Re: X100S - Full Wedding

BrianKraft wrote:

I did it yesterday. Photographed a full wedding with just the X100S--



Well done.

It's not my style, but once I got into your style of shooting I could see what it is you were doing and I liked the consistent quality and there were some real gems in there.

You mentioned the issue of noise in the images, and like a lot of us DPReview geeks I did notice the noise and at first it kinda irritate a little; but then after a few images, I got into your style and I quite liked the noise as it fitted in with the look you were aiming for.

Really, looking at your work, I see no reason why you couldn't do your own wedding gig (rather than being second shooter, as you were here) shot entirely on this camera. Whether your clients will accept that, or wedding guests will perceive you to be the pro shooter is another question (I guess you could always bring along a "serious" looking camera that you have around your shoulder, with a light prime lens on it so as to reduce weight, that you never use and is just their as a prop ("hey everybody I am a pro!" ) whilst you use the Fuji for the entire shoot). I would say though that you will have to be a little more careful with the focal length of the X100s coz you got a close up of a cute little girl but you got too close coz her head is a little distorted,but other than that I loved the portfolio.

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