Casio Repair - Is It a Scam?

Started Aug 6, 2008 | Discussions thread
PattyT New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Casio Repair - Is It a Scam?

YES! It is a scam. No matter what is wrong with your casio camera, they tell you to send it in for a quote for repairs. I paid $2.34 to mail it to casio for this quote. They have a flat rate for repairs they could have told me before I mailed it to them.

When I learned of their scam, I asked for my camera back, and she said I ad to pay $10 ransom to get my camera back. I told her to use the same packaging I sent it in, and I could send her a label that would cost me $2.34, but she wouldn't release it without the ransom fee.

EX-ZS5 $79, EX-ZS10 $99, EX-FS10 $119, TRYX $199, and EX-F1 $499 for repairs, plus sales tax!

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