What is keeping Nikon from making 22 megapixel D4?

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Re: Bear in mind

Some simple math.

Canon 1Dx - 18MP x 12 fps = 216 MP / s

Canon 5D MKIII - 22MP x 6 fps = 132 MP/s

Nikon D4 - 16MP x 10 fps = 160 MP / s

Nikon D800 36MP x 4 fps = 144 MP / s

Nikon D600 24MP x 5.5 =132 MP / s

This gives you an idea where Nikon and Canon are at today in terms of data path capacities - of course, this doesn't take into account the processing required for file compression, lens distortion corrections, noise reduction and all the other stuff that goes on before a file is produced by the camera.

That was on the data side, there is also the AF side, we know already that more frame rates can be obtained if one is willing to lock the focus - I think the 1Dx goes to 14 and the D4 goes to 11/12 if one gives up on AF. So this tell us that the AF system is another real bottom neck for faster frame rates.

So it looks like Nikon is a little behind in the processing side and maybe a little on the AF side as well - compared to the 1Dx numbers, but the D4 is also cheaper than the 1Dx - so did Nikon cheap out to make a price point? Don't know.

Will the D4s get some increased fps - I doubt it - historically it hasn't happened but you never know.

D4x - don't even know if Nikon will release one, given what Canon did to the 1Ds line - but if they do - it will not be a frame rate monster - historically it has been a studio camera - high resolution, low frame rates.

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