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Pontoneer wrote:

Why everyone asking for FF? Why not to buy wider lenses?
Why nobody asking for a reliable flash metering, fast autofocus from Pentax? At moment I considering Nikon 600 or Canon 6. But not for FF, but for latter reasons. FF just for the reason, that prices are close to a crop sensor. I do a lot of shooting job indoors with a low light. But Pentax will stay No1 for travel photography.

I already have wide lenses that will be even wider on FF . I find wider lenses more useful than longer ones .

While that is a benefit , I want FF to get back that big , bright viewfinder I was used to on my film SLR's .

If you're talking about AF SLRs (MZ-S?)

Fast AF ? Try an MZ-S : it uses the same AF system as was carried over into the digital bodies , yet it snaps instantly into accurate focus where the digital bodies would struggle .

Sorry, but the MZ-S' AF system was not used in any of the digital cameras. It was IIRC the *ist that introduced the SAFOX VIII.

I also don't have trouble with my flash exposures , finding them just as reliable as with Nikon cameras using the same Metz flashes .

No , for me it is the big viewfinder and the ease of use that will come with it , plus the increase in image quality ( everything else being equal ) will not be entirely unwelcome .

Same here, with a larger weight on the viewfinder (not that I wouldn't like the increase in image quality, but my pics don't require it).


Yes the *istD has SAFOX VIII as opposed to SAFOX VII in the MZ-S ; presumably a refinement of the same system .

Fact remains : AF on the MZ-S is faster and better than on any of the later digital bodies I've tried ( which ranges from the *istD , through the K10D , K20D , K7 and K5 ; but not yet the K5II ) .

I suspect the larger frame and brighter finder helps in that regard .

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