SONY NEX 6Y for £630 - Should I? (UK Camera) 1st camera since a very old POS Touch screen Sony

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Re: SONY NEX 6Y for £630 - Should I? (UK Camera) 1st camera since a very old POS Touch screen Sony

johnznyc wrote:

I was looking at at NEX-7 and decided on a Samsung NX20; take a look if not too late.

The NX20 is the later model to the Samsung NX10 which I've had now for almost two years. Absolutely fab camera - far better than it seems to be given credit for.  Beautiful AMOLED screen which is superior to any LCD and it has an auto-sensor which switches between LCD viewing and built-in optical finder with real-time isplay. Very compact for what type of cameera it is (M4/3 of course).. put a Pancake lens on it and unless your MAIN desire is Landscape pics..that FL will quite literally do anything you want - and do it extremely well.

It's a beauty of a camera and although I have to admit to not having any great knowledge of the NEX cameras, I've never realy liked the style - very compact body but ruined really because any GOOD Lens that goes on it is invariably big and bulky to destroy the original small body advantage. I handled a NEX-5 just once (with 16mm lens on it) and found it gave far worse results than I'd certainly expect from a camera of such kind.

The lenses you seem to get with that NEX you have in mind, are I think NOT really THE best.. as with nearly all kit-lenses .. ones that come WITH a camera ..  they are most often just to provide a working camera.. NOT being the best you can get FOR that camera.. just a cheap starter. You can never do worse than buy a BODY...THEN decide on which lens you want and choose seperately.   A "kit" can be money wasted.

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