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Re: A Few Quotes....

As I said to Ron, he hasn't helped himself by setting any kind of good behaviour example but... this is true of many of us and forum life is a culture of its own.

I think the key thing is not to look at the name of the poster and assume the worst but to look at what they actually post and treat it on its merits. If Ron (say) makes an obnoxious post full of personal attacks, well, no one should be surprised at the responses. But if Ron makes a perfectly reasonable comment (even if an unpopular one) he should be entitled to a reasoned response.

As should anyone.

One of the problems we see around here too often is instead of carefully reading a post, people look at the poster's name and just assume a meaning and intent based on their perception of that poster's supposed character and motivations. Stereotyping in other words.  Trawling posting history to gather "conformation" of one's perceptions is a bit sad, really.

We should all try and do better at responding to the argument rather than the person. Me included.

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