Photography project ideas (seriously need help!!!)

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Re: Photography project ideas (seriously need help!!!)

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I have a photography project that i have to do and the topic is "culture and tradition" which i have already shot and got handed back to me because it "wasn't good enough" so if any one has any quick ideas that would be awesome and greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!!

Back in my student days I studied photography under an ex life mag photo editor and for the first year he refused every piece of work I handed in with no explanation and not even a grin. This didn't bother me that much because I was going to be taking shots anyway and I didn't mind having the projects to shoot. End of the year I got perfect marks with the explanation that at that level he felt he had nothing to teach me visually other than to keep coming back and keep working and that he was impressed with how I was un-phased by the rejection. It was the most useful thing I brought out of my student experience. At the same time that he was doing this to me he was doing the same to another student who spat the dummy about six months in and quit the course.

As far as ideas about culture and tradition, it all depends on what cultures and traditions you have access to doesn't it. I would go for a source that doesn't scream out as obvious and try to pull something visually impressive out of it to shift the definition of the subject matter away from the expected. You know your own work. You must know why the work you handed in wasn't good enough. Try to cold view it as another would. What is lacking, what is working and what can you add to it?

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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

Not in a photography class but I had a similar experience when studying Biomedical Engineering, when I received what I considered to be a poor grade on a mid-term paper.

The professor was just challenging me...

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