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Re: My approach: try to be proactive in responding

Thoughtful response for life in general but maybe too general for much of what goes on around here?

There appear to be a small group of people here who are obsessed with the concept that Sigma/Foveon is somehow under threat from an army of negative publicity generated by trolls and that Sigma/Foveon must be defended to the death.

They interpret every comment through a filter so strong that it is not just vicious unwarranted attacks on the brand that provoke the defence mechanism, but even the mildest of neutral comment (which gets described as "damning with faint praise" and it seen as equally negative as a direct attack).

When the defenders think they have detected an invasion, they have a tendency to gather in a wolf pack and engage in mass personal insults as a tactic.  This often provokes a defensive reaction and inevitably a long drawn out war.  The one thing that gets lost in all of this is any honest, reasoned examination of any issue or potential problem.

The other thing that the pack are fond of doing is hyperbole: exaggerating the benefits of Foveon technology beyond the reasonable.  This behaviour tends to bring responses from interested middlegrounders who in turn get turned into "the enemy" by the defensive filter.

On the flip side, it is kind of understandable how this defensive filter evolved. Sigma has made a number of design and pricing and other decisions that keeps their products very in a niche. Those who like the products are OK with this whilst others more in the mainstream find it perplexing.  This has caused a lot of commentary over the years and I understand how some of the long term fans who have heard it all before can get tired of it all.

There are also (of course) a small number of genuine trolls who appear solely to try and get a rise out of the locals (as trolls by definition always do).

It's kind of important to recognise the difference between the occasional passing genuine troll and someone who just doesn't share your passionate enthusiasm.

Difficult, I recognise.

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