What is keeping Nikon from making 22 megapixel D4?

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Joe Tam wrote:

What advancements in technology are barring a faster higher-resolution D-series camera being introduced? Something like a 9-11fps 22-30 megapixel camera.

I've been stuck with D-series cameras that topped out at 12 megapixel since 2005(D2x). I want to get the D800 but it is too slow for some of the news/sports events I cover. So was the D2x and D2xs.

There are often times horizontals need to be converted to verticals for page layout. The 16 megapixel on the D4 make that sort of cropping an issue.

It partly has to do with building up anticipation. Nikon was conservative with megapixels in the prosumer market for two or three years (with only the D3X in the high megapixel park) and then everybody jumped on the D800 when it arrived.

Now it appears they are building up anticipation for a fast prosumer sports camera like the D300 / D300s both in the DX format and the FX format.

The good news: Nikon will - at some stage - offer a true 24MP sports camera. Megapixels go up all the time.

But sports & press photographers are a bit more conservative with megapixels - the infrastructure around the camera has to improve first (wi-fi, card speeds, etc. - a sports photographer still has to transfer his / her JPG images through wi-fi or another connection during the game).


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