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ULTIMATE Camera List. Re: Nikon D5 thread

ULTIMATE Camera List

1. No less than 1,2 kg of tungsten body

2. Hard alloy theet battery cover (enough to crush bear's scull).

3. Built-in electric shock device as a last resort "freezing action" device named VR3 (Vacillation Remover triple-charged)

4. D4 features with D800E sensor and 6 fps.

4a. Pixel binning for mRAW option (11 fps 8 Mpix).

5. Built-in L-bracket or 2 tripod attachment 1/4" holes.

6. Built-in GPS and wireless communications with remote shutter and remote flash controls.

7. Wireless camera control with video preview translation (software for some laptop, 640x480 enough)

8. Zoom Lens focus calibration for 3 positions (wide-middle-tele)

9. Add 1:1 square crop factor.

10. extension socket for additional devices inside the body with standart open interface and with splashproof cover

(so you can upgrade GPS, wi-fi, wireless communications, remote control, theft security, photo authentifiation, or any of the possible Nikon and 3rd party devices possible)

The first 3 points are slightly humorous but not entirely useless. Just no hope get implemented.

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