Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

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Re: Olympus 14-54mm Mark ii or 11-22mm

aspire wrote:

I have the 50mm f2 , 18-180 f3.5 n 70-300mm lens

I would purchase either a wide angle lens 11-22 or 14-54 for landscape to my E30 as this will be my first f2.8 lens

Well the 11-22mm would give you the least overlap between the lenses. But if you wanted to only carry one lens, the 14-54mm tends to catch more of the range many people shoot at. There are people that see the world many through wide angle eyes, some through telephoto eyes. I tend to be more of a telephoto shooter, and use my 11-22mm about 3% of the time, but I find over time, I'm going more wide angle than telephoto. There are some specific things that I shoot (notably stage shows at renaissance faires) where even 11mm is not wide enough.

I would suggest looking at your pictures. How many pictures do you shoot at 18mm? If a lot of your pictures aren't at 18mm, you might not find the 11-22mm being used as much. Of course that only captures the pictures you took, and not the pictures you wish you could have taken or plan to take in the future.

In terms of landscape, shooting panoramas can be used to get more wide angle. Tight shots involving people, particularly inside where you can't back up is when you really need the wide angle lens.

Have fun no matter which lens you buy, and don't second guess after you've paid your money.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are planning to use the lens indoors with a flash, the pop-up flash will not cover the 11-13mm range of the 11-22mm.  The FL-36R/FL-50R flashes will cover that range if you put the drop down diffuser on the flash.

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