Photography project ideas (seriously need help!!!)

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Re: Photography project ideas (seriously need help!!!)

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I have a photography project that i have to do and the topic is "culture and tradition" which i have already shot and got handed back to me because it "wasn't good enough" so if any one has any quick ideas that would be awesome and greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!!

Find a tradition that is universally interesting as opposed to one that you care about. It can be just so different that it causes interest or it can be something that inherently results in beauty when photographed. Virtually any celebration is likely to at least cause beauty, and most are different enough in some way to cause interest. Children, young people and old people are all "beautiful" on their own, so anything they do that can easily be identified as participation in a tradition is likely to make a good photograph. And to be most interesting the tradition needs to be the most different from what the viewer might ordinarily see absent your photography.

Don't just take pictures of people, and instead take pictures of people very visibly engaged in unique, interesting, traditional cultural activities. Keep in mind that the people are not the subject, but the tradition and culture are.

Beyond that, because it is a "project" and I assume that means it is actually in some way a photo essay, you can include not just the bold attention grabbing photographs, but also an occasional bit of more subtle education too.

Here is an example of cultural tradition that by itself draws attention. It has a lot of "strange" detail that raises many questions. If text is allowed with your photography, an image like this can be explained in some detail. And if only a title is possible then a well chosen few words can add at least some understanding.

An "Eskimo Dance" which is part of a Nalukataq (Blanket Toss Celebration), Barrow Alaska.

And as opposed to the above image, here is something a bit more subtle...

(The editor deleted the title to the below image.  "This is a real Eskimo Kiss...")

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