Dpr's new yellow formatting is harder to read.

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Re: Dpr's new yellow formatting is harder to read.

Simon Joinson wrote:

skyglider wrote:

Dpr was crippled for the last day or so and now the yellow formatting for viewing forum indexes is harder for me to read. I liked the previous yellow formatting better. Truthfully, I can't put my finger on why but somehow that's the impression I get.

What do you think?

i think we haven't changed it...

I think what happened is while dpreview was crippled, I was trying different things to see why certain things wouldn't work. One unrelated trial was to use the blue formatting because for a while, I think the blue/yellow formatting options had disappeared. After using blue for a while, when I went back to yellow (which I normally use), the lighter background made my senses think it was harder to read.

Now when I switch back and forth between yellow and blue formatting, I see that the background for blue formatting is dark black, while the background for yellow formatting is a lighter gray. Guess that's what fooled me.

Sorry for wasting bandwidth,

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