Fotki demise

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Re: Fotki demise

waynelr wrote:

Plastek wrote:

In general - you never ever should store backups online, and online alone.

Online copies are good as 3rd or 4th security measure. Not the primary one.

There's no news in that. And to be honest: I'm still surprised people got onboard this sinking boat over and over again.

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I did not depend on Fotki for backup and am using my personal backups to restore pics to SMUGMUG. The 'cloud' is a myth.

You were quite clear in your original post. The future of Fotki is unfortunately in doubt, you're not able to download some of your work, but you have local archives (i.e. backups) of your work and are able to upload to a new site. Obviously retaining the originals.

I don't know why some are whining & lecturing. You apparently don't rely on an online service as the primary/sole repository for your work, you have local backups, so carry on.

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